There is a Light / Ghosts (single)

by Prizefighter

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released July 30, 2014

Ben – vocals, guitar, words. Dan – drums. Louise – vocals. Phil – bass. Stephen – lead guitar, vocals
recorded with great patience at Dubrek Studios by Jay Dean. Cover art of Raymond Carver drawn by Danielle Butterflies.



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Prizefighter Derby, UK

With melodic and melancholy songs intimately reflecting on life experience Prizefighter are indiepop without ever being twee in their approach to songwriting.

The three-piece band from Derby, UK lay themselves bare on songs detailing family and personal relationships, their own life experiences, their hopes, dreams and failures.
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Track Name: There is a Light
There’s this place where the angels sing, the air is filled with wonderful things. The air, it smells crisp and burnt. Her hand’s in my hand, my hand's in hers. / I'm miserable at best, at worst I'm stuck in a rut of denial and hurt and everything I said I’d do that I never would. / But you got sick as trees got bare, your good breath caught in sick air, and you caught me unprepared. For every word spoke nothing was said. / But you know there is a light that shines on everything and I know it’s there because I can see it happening. And sometimes when you cannot see, knowing that light is there is all you need. / So come back, get sick again. I’ll sit with you. I’ll be your friend, and I’ll say “how do you do? Please don’t go now, I need you.”
Track Name: Ghosts
Woke up late, called in sick. If I go in, man, I’m not going to make it through today, through another day when tomorrow seems so far away. This morning the sky is a particular shade of grey. / I try to sleep but I can feel it moving through me, through every cell, in every vein, through my heart and to my brain. Outside my window it sure looks a lot like rain. // Ghosts move through me every minute, every day. If I close my eyes maybe they’ll go away. // I feel I’m trapped in a well, I scream my throat hoarse for rope or help but the only sound that comes is that of my own faint echo. And up above freedom taunts in the form of blue skies and a golden sun, and down in my man made cell it’s dark and lonesome and so, so cold. New York is nice this time of year, so I’m told. / Or maybe I’m on an island surrounded by miles of ocean of my own creation, and I’m washed up on the beach. Every grain of sand’s another bad memory. This one’s a girl, I should’ve been kinder. This one’s a moment, I should’ve been wiser. This one’s a sentiment I should’ve expressed, this one’s a city that I should’ve left. This one’s a mother never appreciated, this one’s all of the anxiety she created. This one’s a father who died too soon, who never got to see all the things I would do. This one’s every opportunity missed for everything I wish that I’d said to him. This one’s how I never learned how to swim. // Ghosts move through me every minute, every day. If I close my eyes maybe they’ll go away.